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Welcome to the homepage of Rita Kop. I work as a Dean of Education in Canada. My research interests are on the crossroads of human learning and technology and is focused on open educational practice and learning analytics.

About Rita Kop

I currently work as the Dean of Education at Yorkville University. I am involved in the design, development and maintainance of online educational programs, and in teaching and research of the learning experiences. I am also currently carrying out research of open educational practices, such as Massive Open Online Courses and am involved in research in learning analytics. The research entails the use of qualitative measures and data mining. A virtual ethnography was one of the recent methods I used, and the data analyses involved qualitative data mining and social network analysis of large amounts of learner data and research in the ethics of using ‘Big Data’ in research.

Till August 2012 I worked as a researcher at the National Research council of Canada on their Personal Learning environment Project. I left Swansea University in the UK for three years to work on the research and development of these PLEs. In Swansea I was assistant professor in the Department of Adult Continuing Education. Apart from research and teaching my remit there was to widen access to Higher Education through 'reaching in' activities of working with University departments in developing progression routes for non-traditional students. Prior to this I managed a number of large Widening Access outreach projects in South West Wales and the Valleys. These projects were dynamic collaborations between the department and community partners in South West Wales and often involved the use of technology. I developed their MA in Lifelong Learning programme.

My career in education started as a teacher and head teacher of an infant school in Alphen aan den Rijn in the Netherlands. I am interested in lifelong learning from early years to old age and am a bit of a nomad; I enjoy travelling and learning about people and cultures, not only in an educational context.

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